Saturday, February 11, 2006


I actually looked at the article Frank J. linked to about abortion, and it's disgusting. I am legaly pro-choice...but I think the choice is hard, and one option is disgusting, and only rarely less disgusting than actually having the baby. Babies are, in my opinion, one of the most wonderful things in the world...they take a lot of work and time to get them growing up right, but they end up giving so much, that it's all worth it. I know, that's not an earthshattering conclusion.

But I do think that sometimes you get into a very special situation where it might be better not to have a baby. I think most of these times, adoption is a good enough solution, but I am willing to admit that there are circumstances that call for an abortion, even if I can't currently think of any, outside of instances of rape, and unkowing incest. Those two situations combined, however, make up less that 10% of abortions, even if we include them, but not any other first trimester abortions.

The choice is a hard one, but I'm not willing to make it for people, by making it illegal, and I don't want the practices to be dangerous for women to undergo. I don't want a second death happening because of an abortion. So, I want them to be legal, and I want people to be smart enough not to excercise their legal options.

So, when I read this by Kevin Drum, who I usually consider to be a relatively smart and well-ballanced lefty...I get sad, and dissappointed.

Terminating them [pre-viability fetuses] doesn't bother me, and it's none of my business anyway. For all I care, women are free to use abortion as their standard method of birth control if they want to. Nor do I really care much if we reduce the abortion rate in America. Safe and legal is good enough for me. I don't think abortion is a morally ambiguous issue, I don't think getting one should be an emotionally traumatic experience, and no, speaking as a husband, I don't think husbands should have any legal say in the matter.

Well, to me, this makes him sound like and un-caring monster...I don't care if the baby can't survive outside the womb yet, wait a couple weeks and it's a natural process, and it doesn't really take that long. I'm willing to make it not legaly murder, but it's still sad, and it shouldn't be undertake lightly, as Mr. Drum is suggesting. The second part that scares me, is the part about husband's not having a part in the decision to abort...well, I won't be marrying a women who won't include me in major life decisions, and I hope the women I eventually marry won't want to marry anyone who doesn't include her either. A baby is created by two people, and they should both decide what happens to it...both before it's born, and after. A deadbeat boyfriend is one thing, a committed husband is another thing entirely.

It just makes me sad to think of anything else.

Obviously, I want the number of abortions decreased...what I'd really like is for teens and people having sex that don't want kids to use's not that expensive, and you can get it for free in so many places that you should have no trouble. Of course, I'd rather have people wait until they get married to take part in something so intimate, but I also don't presume to command anyones' life...I'll settle for trying to I'll advise you to use contraception, and adoption, if you don't want a child...but there are so many ways to avoid an abortion, you almost don't have an excuse to get one.

As always, please tell me exactly why I'm wrong in the comments. Otherwise I'll just assume I'm right!

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