Wednesday, February 15, 2006

V-Day Pres IM's

It's appropriate for today...the best parts (well, not the best parts, but the best ones I'm gonna show you before you read the whole thing) :

Nap0leon3: as u say inna english:

Nap0leon3: "de fat lady hassa begun her cantata"

I'm not sure everyone will think that's as funny as I do...but it is, trust me. Maybe I've just done too much language mixing in my day, but it's hilarious to me. (Nap0leon3 is the President of Italy)


(speaking of Dick Cheney, cause the conversation is about the hunting accident (what else?))

Kickass43: ...& he's gotta mjr hrt condishun...

Nap0leon3: inna luv we all suffr mjr conditions of da hrt...

So, go read it, cause it's funny. (these are from the Secret Presidential IM's by Danielle Crittenden, on the HuffPo)
You really should check it out every tuesday...

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