Thursday, February 09, 2006

Danish Cartoon Roundup

Well, in class today we were discussing the Danish Cartoon controversy, and I was asked to provide a small roundup of the situation. So, here it is.

First, of course, are the cartoons. (via Michelle Malkin) The post starts with fox, but if you scroll down, you can see each of the twelve cartoons. If you keep going, you can see all her posts that deal with the subject.

There are two links from Malkin that are especially interesting. She's done an excellent job with coverage, however, so you should read more of her stuff.
The first is a round-up of a bunch of small-time bloggers who had cartoon posts. So, you should check out a couple of them. It saves me work, at least.
The second is a map of how different countries reacted.

This is a short video about the situation. (Junkyard Blog)

This is from American Future, a foreign policy blog. It's about Egypt.

VodkaPundit is always good.

I looked at Kos...and it seems like he's more concerned with being partisan about wiretaps than talking about the free speach issues of the world. Oh well. I tried to be fair to both sides, but thats kind of hard to do when one side isn't talking about something...

Now for some humorous is about cartoons, after all

First, the great Frank J., with "How would Mohammed Handle King Kong?"

Scrappleface, with "Cartoon Riots Caused by Loony Toons"

Mr. Sun spreads some light on the subject with "Danish Cartoon Scandal"

That should be enough.

Update: The only reason this isn't a new post is that I'm afraid of the consequences of certain people seeing it. I know free speach is right...but I also know how I felt when I heard about the "sculpture" "Piss Christ" I didn't try to destroy it...but I felt bad.
This link is funny to me, however, and it also has a link to The Jesus Dance.

With that preamble, do you remember the Hampster Dance? Then you're going to love this.

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