Monday, February 20, 2006

Some Un-funny Cheney Stuff

Here is a website that recreates the Cheney is a rebuttel to that website...I thought the first was cool enough cause they shot watermelons and other things...and there is video. But you should read the recreation as well, since it was interesting. It also dispels some of the media myths. The best point from the rebuttel is here:

These testers, like the other re-creators I’ve seen, fail to understand that there is a horizontally elongated shot pattern when a shotgun is fired while swinging. This has the result of reducing the number of pellet hits within a round target area.

Tomorrow night, or tonight, whatever, go outside when the sun is setting and try to see clearly twenty yards away from you while looking into the sun...then try to see something clearly while sighting down the barrel of a gun and concentrating on an object moving across your field of vison, across the setting sun. It's tough...and while they should have taken better precautions (obviously, cause someone got hurt), it's a tough business, and guns are dangerous. People get hurt sometimes...I'd like to hear about something else now, so this is probably the last post on this topic.

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