Sunday, February 12, 2006


I'm one of the top results in a search for porno. See for yourself. I'm obviously number, what am I doing wrong? (I found this out while looking at the visit counter I have at the bottom.)

I used the google search bar on my own site and didn't come up with how did I get to be in the top three on this MSN search? Are they trying to discredit one of their main competetors? As in, MSN (which has it's own blog program) against Google (which has blogger, which I use).

But that doesn't even come close to explaining this. I think I'm just going to have to be grateful for the traffic, and laugh at the people who end up visiting my site this way.

Sorry, but unless you're turned on by beards, you probably won't find anything interesting on this site.

Update: I looked at the search some more, and here is how it justifies me: "ther top xports r booze, porno & bacon Ladeezman42: man I can up my ... I took Arabic at VMI until they ran out of classes, and then had ... This is a short video about the situation. (Junkyard Blog) This is ... link"

So, I guess I understand now, but it still doesn't really make any sense.

Update II: I'm also the second response for MSN search "My Vagina is Angry." Also the exact crowd I'm looking to reach.

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