Friday, February 10, 2006

More from a drunk

The drunk is, of course, over at Vodkapundit. They're good people, even if I would go home earlier than them on a friday/saturday night. Incidentaly, thats where I got the sci-fi quiz from.

here's the quote, actually a whole post...but I already told you to go over there and read:

Some people think the armed forces are for people of lesser intelligence. Oh, really:

I majored in international relations, and minored in Arabic at the Virginia Military Institute. I studied abroad at the American Language Institute in Fez, Morocco, where I lived in an old medina with an Arab family. I took Arabic at VMI until they ran out of classes, and then had to press the higher-ups to invent more classes so I could continue my studies. I attended multiple “model Arab League” conferences in DC, had frequent conversations and classes with the mid east area professors at my school, and wrote (and still write) frequently on the subject.

That's United States Army officer Charlie Munn of The Officers' Club, who also says, "I'm not arrogant enough to claim that I'm a 'Middle East Expert.'"

Three things for you. First, read Charlie's entire post. Second, be gratefully aware that someone with his intelligence, dedication, and humility has dedicated his youth to serving your country. Third, feel free to sneer at anyone who holds our armed forces in even the slightest contempt.

Steve makes good, go see the Officers Club, and go check out Vodkapundit.

Update: Here is an uplifting quote from the Officer's Club post that Steve was talking about.

All of that being said, I believe that there is still hope for that region. I believe that the majority of Muslims are peaceful people who want to live better lives in progressive society. I believe that modern interpretations of Islam can coincide with ideas like democracy, free market economics, women’s rights, and personal freedom.

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