Monday, February 13, 2006

1000 Visitor's

Yay!!!! I've made it past 1000 visitors! It's cool that people keep reading...I think I have about 15-20 people who read it each day, and I think only about five or so of them are one time, that means I've got a core of about 30 people who read this on a regular basis, and I'm very happy to have you would be nice if I could hear your thoughts a little more often...especially those of you who debate me in real life...cause I love to respond, and I think the whole blog will work better if there is at least some discussion going on. You should at least comment to let me know when I'm slipping, cause I assume I'm completely right if I don't hear anything different...but whatever. I'm just gonna be happy that I got to 1000 so quickly.

I've been meaning to update my sidebar links for a long time...since I don't know when I'm going to have the time to do that in the near future...I'm going to do take some stop-gap action here in the main section.

New Links:
(the first blog which I didn't control that linked to me) : They Call Me Red. It's always fun to read, and it's definately a change of pace, so check it out.

Other blogs for the blogroll: Tigerhawk, Angry Bear(where my old econ professor blogs, under the name of Kash) plus a couple other blogs that have caught my eye...

I also want to add some Firefly links, and a couple of other things, but they're not so important.

Thanks to everyone who found a reason to stick around...I hope I don't let you down in the future.