Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Ok, I've decided, everyone can settle down now.

Ok, this is about the port thing. I've decided that, as promoters of the free-market system, we can't really take the job away from the Arabs...

But...I think we should just give it to haliburton anyway. They're a very good company, with close ties to the administration, which means that they could cut through a bunch of red tape.
Plus, we all know that Haliburton exists so that Bush and Cheney can throw money at them, and watch the left have heart-attacks from all the screaming that will happen.

But the left is now screaming that we should take the job away from the it'll be even more fun to watch them screach to a halt, pull a 180, and then burn rubber in the complete opposite direction.

So, give the job to Haliburton. Everyone loves them.

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