Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Results of the Contest

Well, I didn't win...I realized I wouldn't win a couple days ago...but I'm pretty surprised I didn't even make the semi-finals for the judging section. Everyone had to shave two months ago today, and 13 of us showed up today to be judged...but the kid who won had a very scruffy beard...much more so than mine...I did have a picture for you...

Here's before (well, after I shaved, but before the contest):

I don't really have any good in between pictures, so here's after:

The prize was a haircut and a shave, so I guess it's a good thing I didn't win...

And, yes, I did tie that bowtie all by myself, thanks for asking...it took me a half hour to figure it out again, but it did end up looking nice, didn't it?

In the background is the door to my room, here at school, and the piece of paper is a newsletter I write for the dorm, since I'm the hall president...and that's about it...

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