Friday, February 10, 2006


Well, I have my own thoughts about abortion, but for now I'm content to just link to others' thoughts about it.

Here is funny man Frank J. with and unfunny look at an unfunny topic.

Okay, what's a progressive Christian? Someone who says, "Well, Jesus did have some useful view being that He's the Son of God, but it's time to move on to a more complex way of looking at morality than His constrained teachings."

And no one is twisted more in knots than a Christian trying to argue that abortion is a moral choice. Either, with no Biblical backing (actually, against Biblical teaching) the person has to argue that a person doesn't get a soul until birth (I once heard someone Jewish argue that "ensoulment" doesn't occur until the ears have passed into this world), or that it's okay to kill innocent people with a soul. I assume most pro-abortion Christians approach the issue by just not thinking about it, though.

And can you imagine Jesus telling someone he was better off not being born?

Update: Here is another Frank Look at a serious topic...but this one's more funny.

One problem with Condi is that, apparently, no one listens to her, as everyone keeps talking about her as a Presidential candidate. Her advantages are that she has experience at a national level and doesn't have any voting record to criticize. Also, she is able to use her mind to move small objects.

There would be a lot of controversy if she runs for President, though. For one thing, she is a race of some sort. Is America really ready to elect someone who belongs to a race? Also, she's a woman. Is America ready to elect a woman when, throughout history, it has been known that women are useless at everything?

So, he makes a good point about not listening to her...but I'm still hopeful. The other questions need to be answered...but so far I'm hearing from the bigots (sarcastically read, that means the Republicans) that they really like Condi, so I think we'll be ok.

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