Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Hilary was on the board of WalMart? Is this true? Can someone verify this from a different source, preferably one that is not diametricaly opposed to Hilary's politics? If this is true, then, well, I don't see any hope for Hilary...no one on the right will vote for her, and if this is true, then she had a hand in creating the company that most flagrantly opposes labor unions and such...and no one on the left should vote for her either.
I wish I wasn't starting classes, so I could research this some more...maybe I'll take a quick break, but if someone else can give a true/false verdict quicker, please put it in the comments.

Update: If wikipedia is to be believed, and I think it's good on basic facts, then this is true. Wow. Click the link, and read the last line of the section.

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