Saturday, February 25, 2006

Civil Discourse

Well, I just sent an e-mail that will eventually be sent to every single person at my school...students, faculty, and staff.

We've got a digest list that gets sent out every day at midnight to everyone.

Well, someone insulted Christians, at least the way I understood it.

He said (I'm not allowed to quote what it was he wrote without his permission, and he hasn't responded to me yet) that Christians who think homosexuality is a sin are misunderstanding the Bible, and that churches that teach this don't want their members to read books/listen to arguments, which 'disprove' this belief.

Well, without even getting into the argument about homosexuality, he's made some serious mistakes there.

I've only been a Christian for about five years, but I've been to many different churches...and I've been to churches across the spectrum. I don't think any of the ones that I've been to would tell you not to read a certain book...espcially one that was about the Bible. I think they would have been estatic that I (as a teenage) was reading about the Bible and studying the word. Even if they disagreed with what the book said. They would also never tell me to go away just because I disagreed with them. They might refuse to discuss things with me if I didn't approach the topic with respect, but as soon as I had a good attitude, they would be ready to argue with me.

So the post made me mad...and then I sent a response to everyone...and now I'm definately out of the closet in terms of my religion. (I'm also out of the closet in terms of my heterosexuality, but that's not the issue at the moment) I hope people read it in the right way...but i'm pretty sure I'll get at least one hate e-mail for daring to correct someone bashing Christian's about homosexuality.

I had a good line that I thought about putting in the post, but decided that I wasn't trying to be antagonistic, so I didn't put it in...

"The people I've found to be the most closed-minded are those currently attending college." Which is true, cause no one wants to change their mind about anything...but no one would appreciate the sentiment.

Ok, thats enough. Now I'm heading to the Hockey Game. It's the play-offs, and the women already won one today...So Go Team!!!

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