Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Does anyone still think that Saddam really had no weapons of mass destruction? I mean, come on. Pure common sense says that he was at least working on them.

If you still feel that we were totally wrong in suspecting Iraq and Saddam of breaking the treaties they agreed to at the end of Gulf War I, check this out.

At the very least he had them, then sent them out of the country while we were dickering at the UN (that name is short for Unnecessary, Unintimidating, and Uninspiring, just in case you hadn't guessed what I think about the current structure over there by now), or just blew them up.

I mean, I've heard reports of pieces of a WMD system from the day we got to Iraq...ok, actually the first I heard was about a week after we got there, but hey...that was a long time ago, and I'm approximating. These reports never got much play, but that’s understandable given the media bias today.

Whatever. I have too much reading about the old Russian Empire and central regions of the world vs. peripheries, and how the central countries stole everything from the outside countries, thereby creating the extensive state of world poverty today...I'm not kidding at all. By the way, this professor is really cool and young, but he can't stop talking about politics in the classroom. I've never had a prof. that was so blatantly partisan...and I wouldn't be complaining about it if it was a conservative bias. I'm used to having to work out the obscene partisanship of my profs, but this one is right out in the's actually pretty refreshing. I think its cause we're a small class, and most of us (except for me) are seniors. Whatever.

It was time for a link to the Officer's Club anyway...

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