Monday, February 27, 2006

New Poem...

Since you all did such a good job on the last one (and I've had so many original posts this week) I decided to post a new poem. This one is a little bit more in, it's about love and fast food, so it shouldn't be as intimidating. My whole class thought I was being too deep on the last one, and they thought it was about getting old. Well, I guess my images were blury*.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this one.

You can’t find love on a dollar menu

The poem I was writing for you was
exactly what you would get if you ordered
a cup full of nothing at a national coffee chain {or is ‘starbucks’ better?}

As I read it over again, I am reminded of
a politician’s stump speech from the campaign trail.
Just a collection of generic nothings
that are so non-specific,
they can apply to no one.

But you…You deserve better than that.

You are what someone could find on
the Super Value Menu. A description:

-Two patties of perfection,
grilled over flaming hickory
wood chips, served on a
sesame-seed sourdough bun
- with all the right fixings.

- But don’t forget the special sauce! –

A glimpse of you will get me through
the day more completely than the perfect mix
of vitamins, minerals and calories.

But there I go again…
this poem is still not worthy of you.
So, into the circular file it goes.

Wow, the formatting on that was hard. I hope it comes out ok.
I do plan on posting my revised version of the first one, (just cause I like it) but my computer is still dead, and I don't have time to get my thoughts together and go to the library to do anything other than immediatly necessary work.

* I do wear glasses, so I have an excuse for blurry vision.

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