Tuesday, February 14, 2006


So, I guess the press is making a big stink about not being notified about what happened with Cheney and his friend until a day later...and I also heard some criticism of Cheney along the lines of "The president wasn't even notified until 3 hours after the fact."
Well, I could be wrong about the timeline, but if I'm not, the whole thing is ridiculous.

Cheney accidentally shot one of his friends...isn't making sure he's going to be ok more important than calling your boss about it? Or, even, notifying the press that you made a huge mistake? I mean, if I got in an accident, I wouldn't rush to call my professors. In fact, I'd probably let them figure it out for themselves, and tell them only when I didn't have anything more important to do. I can totally understand how Cheney just didn't have time for even a quick phone call to anyone but the guy's wife and 911 until three hours later...they were off in the middle of no where, and they had to get into town, and then the hospital, and then get the guy admitted, and then wait for a doctor to take a look at him...then wait for anything to change drastically...before the doctor could make any pronunciations, and Cheney would have time to talk to someone unrelated about the incident.

So, if we're going to criticize the VP, can we do it for good reasons? Or at least call for his resignation on the grounds that we'd rather have Condi? That's what I'm saying.

On an only slightly related note, check this out. "Will Cheney complete his term?"


  1. You double posted the same post entitled Cheney. Just and FYI.

  2. Thanks for telling me...I should pay more attention...
    Of course, it's all part of a VLWC against me...wait, I'm not supposed to be a member of the reality based community, what am I saying?