Friday, February 10, 2006

Secret Presidential IM's

I love to look through the window that Danielle Critenden provides every week...even if she does post it on the Huffington Post, at least she might be reaching some libs who don't realize they're being converted to conservatism.

Here's a good quote from this week, Kickass43 is Bush, and Ladeezman42 is Clinton:

Kickass43: wat bout tha boycott?

Ladeezman42: like y r tha danes so worried bout a muslim boycott?

Ladeezman42: ther top xports r booze, porno & bacon

Ladeezman42: man I can up my consumption of all 3

Ladeezman42: & personally offset tha lost mrkt

Kickass43: man heres wat I don't get

Ladeezman42: wat

Kickass43: y do these crazy dudes protest being caricatchurd as terrorists...

Kickass43: by threatenin mor terrorism??

Kickass43: like duh

Here's another, but lets preface it with the fact that Slick Willy doesn't want Hill to be president...he feels it would cramp his style:

Kickass43: heck she needs u man

Kickass43: dat "plantashun" speech

Kickass43: like look who thinks she's a brother

Ladeezman42: who dya think fed her dat line?

Kickass43: ?

Ladeezman42: ME!

That one is funnier.

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