Friday, February 17, 2006

My Radio Show

Update: I'm sorry everyone! I got to the station, and found out that we had gotten our time switched...this is something that we wanted to happen...but no one bothered to tell us. If it makes you feel better, I told lots of people who were just as excited as you were to listen to my more traditional-type podcast...and they were similarly disappointed.

I will be on the air for definate-sure.

The new, and permanant time is Sundays at 2:00-4:00 PM. So go to the same link and check it out then.

Nothing will change about the content - we will still be broadcasting Pure Awesomeness for two whole hours.

It's a better time...more people will be able to listen, and I'll be able to get my homework done.

The radio show is back on the air. DJ Ben, DJ Gooch are back, along with an addition to their crew...(some freshman that hasn't picked a name yet).

We'll be going on the air tonight, Thursday, at 10:00, (Now on Sunday from 2:00-4:00) and continuing until midnight.

You can listen online, at this address...just click the banner in the top-right corner. It helps to use IE because you need to instal a small plug (which is completely safe and takes about thirty seconds to load).

You can also find the request-line phone number at that page...

Everyone should listen...

Wait, what's that?
What is the show like, you ask?
The only way I can describe it, is that it's two hours of "Pure Awesomeness", broadcast on the radio and over the internet.

Check it out, listen to it, and then you'll know what it's like.

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