Thursday, February 16, 2006

CIA guys

I don't really like conspiracy theories, except for when I'm spreading them to my liberal friends, (Cheney shot his friend only cause Bush called the hit - thats why Cheney didn't tell Bush until 3 hours later (bush already knew) and also why he wasn't drunk at the time (no alcohol while you're on the job) - I actually got someone to consider that one on its merits. Stupid friends of mine ;-) ) but this seems fishy to me.

Why are these CIA guys hanging out with someone who sounds like such an idiot? The group (which they resigned from, but I'm wondering why they were a part of it) was called the Intellegence Summit, and was headed by a guy named John Loftus. Well, one of this guys claims to fame was that he co-wrote a book titled The Secret War Against the Jews. In the book, he claims that the Bush family got its wealth from financing the Nazis! Strange...well, lets ask an expert if he beleives this for a about:
Anti-Defamation League director Abraham Foxman, who can reasonably be
counted on to speak out against people who financed the Nazis, called it "so
exaggerated, so scantily documented, so overwrought and convoluted in its
presentation, that Loftus and Aarons render laughable their claim to offer 'a
glimpse of the world as it really is.'"

Now this Loftus guys is supposedly presenting us with tapes from Saddam that Congress says are accurate...but this is all wierd. What are former CIA guys doing with a mini-michael-moore who regularly posts at I never liked the CIA-types-are-liberal-moonbats theory that was going around during the Plame thing...but this does sound odd.

I mean, I like Jack Ryan as much as the next young male who reads 800 page books, but if the CIA people are all leftwing-moonbat-types, what am I going to do now? I'll have to read about Dirk Pitt...but he's all into the environment and stuff, so thats already a little suspect, so the question still stands, what spy/secret-agent type stories can I read safely, now that the CIA is suspect? (And I've already made it through the Ian Flemming Books.)

I hope you guys have some advice for me...

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