Monday, July 02, 2007

Trouble in Burma

This is presented as a "ha-ha" story - one where the dumb thieving teenagers kind of get what they deserve - but there's an elephant in the room. The country know as Myanmar is really Burma, and it's ruled by a dictatorship that has an iron fist which crushes dissenters. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that these "thieves" were actually people acting out against the government. Copper wire is pretty useful, especially in making bombs and distributing power. And, if the dissenters steal it from the government, it's almost like two strikes for the price of one. Of course, we have to trust the authorities, both in "Myanmar" and at Reuters when they tell us that these are simple teen-aged thieves, out to cause trouble and earn a dishonest dollar.


I don't get it. Why are so many people giving him money? I've been following his campaign, somewhat, and I haven't really seen anything that distinguishes him. Yes, he's not Hilary, his name is not John, and he's not visibly crazy. Yes, he's a personable politician - maybe even more so than other politicians. But, those things aren't really points in his favor, just points that aren't strikes against him.

I don't understand why people love the guy so much - we have no idea what his policy prescriptions are, and he doesn't have experience running large organizations. He hasn't even been a Senator that long, and he hasn't done much in the Senate.

Can someone explain this to me?

Addendum: As much as I don't like the feeling, I think Hilary or Biden are the best choices from the Democrat's side. And, none of the current "front-runners" 0n the Republican side would get my vote. Not Romney, Guiliani, nor McCain - Thompson might get it, if he announces, and if I feel comfortable that he'll get the right people around him. But right now, I'm looking at voting for a democrat, but, unless the campaign can change my opinion, it won't be for Obama. He's just not vocal enough about his ideas to overcome his lack of experience.