Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Woah Nelly!

A firestorm has finaly started on my other blog, Mules With Brains.
You should head over there and defend my honor...or something like that...Hopefully we'll start arguing about ideas soon...
Unfortunately, most of the discussion seems to be about logical fallicies that someone claims were in my posts...err...well, You guys know how it is...umm...he's probably right...my title was a bit misleading...
I'm also getting flack for poor spelling...um, guilty as charged on that count as well. I figure if you can figure out what word I mean, then I spelled it correctly, dictionaries be danged.
But I'm going to make an effort to spell better, and write posts in word before I post them here...ugghh. Blogging is getting entirely too much like writing papers.

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