Thursday, January 19, 2006

Building my liberal credentials?

This is Blackwater. They are a private military/security firm. In short, they are mecenaries.
I love the military. I think that the job they do is essential. They are the ones who stand at the door and keep the wolves away. They confront terrorists and garden variety bad guys and say "No more, not today." I think this is honorable, and if we did not have someone doing their job, our lives would no longer be as bright as they are. I live a pretty care-free life, and most of the credit for that life continuing goes to the US military (and others) who are guarding and protecting the rights and freedoms that I enjoy, and who are working to spreading this care-free life around the globe. The work they do is nothing new, it has been going on for hundreds of years. I support their legacy, and I appreciate their sacarifice. The causualty reports affect me, just like they affect every non-dumbass in the world.

However, I feel that it should be the American Military that protects Americans, and does the jobs that civilians should not have to do. I'm not entirely comfortable with mercenaries enjoying the same status. I'm not afraid that they might become turn-coats at the sight of brighter gold. I do feel, however, feel that we should not ask other people to do our dirty business. The soldiers in the military have sworn to uphold and defend our freedoms. I realize that lots of the employees of firms like Blackwater are former military, and that they are most likely just as patriotic as I am. However, it's not the same. If they felt that defending freedom and everything was so important, they should have stayed in the conventional military. I'm not against private training facilities, but I do think that the American military should cary out American missions. It's just wrong to subcontract the obligation to protect our country and defend our freedoms.

I recognise that the government also has a responsibility to carry out it's obligations, and that our own military might not be enough for the job. In that situation, I say wait until our military can handle the workload. If we're going to fast for our very capable military to handle the load, we should slow down.

I respect The Officer's Club a lot, and I think that they do a great job covering their beat. I'll just have to agree to disagree with them on this one.

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