Monday, January 09, 2006

Give me a break

Does anyone remember Sub-Commandante Marcos? I remember him only because my professor's love him, and talk about him often. Well, he is again up to (in his opinion) a world of good. He recently took off for a motorcycle tour of mexico. Excellent. This should go a long way towards re-energising his almost dead campain to give the indigenous population of mexico control of a new communist government.
He is, of course, trying to tie into the myth of Che Guevara, someone who is much more popular now that he is dead. I should also add that Che is popular in places that didn't have to deal with him (Europe and America, rather than Cuba or South America).
The ever-lovable sub-commandante (who is actually a professor) has modernized his immage a bit. When he started his charade, opps, campaign, Mexico was a one party 'democracy' but now it's healthy again, and there will soon be a general election. Marcos has changed his title from sub-commandante to Delegate Zero. I guess, since he's calling the tour 'the other campaign', that's supposed to be a reference to the wealth of choice he feels mexican's have in the election. Or maybe he's commenting on his own electability. He has also turned in his face-mask for a reflective helmet. Well, he had, until he turned in the bike for a car...on the second day of the tour.
The best part of the story so far, in my opinion, is the caption a centrist mexican newspaper (called Reforma, which is a wierd name for a paper in the center) put next to a picture of him on his bike. "Did somebody order a pizza? No! It's Marcos!"
Enough said.

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