Wednesday, January 11, 2006


So, I think I ate horse-meat tonight for dinner. It wasn't very good, if that's what it was. I was at a well recommended restraunt, and I decided to get the house special. No one told me what was in it...and well, I'm not sure I exactly want to know all that much...but horse was big on the rest of the yeah. The name of the dish was Pene Romeo...because the place is right next to the 'house of Romeo,' as in, Romeo and Juliet...I know that they are fictional characters, but since the play is set in the city that I'm currently living in, they decided to milk it for all the tourism that it was worth. They have a Juliet's house that you can actually go into...which isn't as cheezy as it sounds because it was a house that belonged to the family she was from, and the inside is all decorated like the correct era...and Romeo's house is the house where the creator of the story lived...Not Shakespeare, but some mercenary that wrote a bad plot outline while he was healing from some wound.
Well, that is my horse meat story. I guess you have to eat something wierd whenever you go to a different country. I fufilled my obligation tonight, whether or not it was horse.

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