Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Sometimes life teaches best

Well, blogging about personal stuff makes me kind of nervous. I feel like I'm writing in a diary for everyone to read...and well, thats just scary, especialy on the internet. But some intrepid souls do blog like that...and well, I respect them cause I can't do it, and I read some blogs like that which I have a reason to read...and well, sometimes you stumble upon something big.

They Call Me Red
...um, that's really all I know about the person on the other end of this link. But I can relate. I am incapable of going grocery shopping without picking up a few extra things...and it's cool, for me, since I'm not married or anything, so no one questions my judgement, and I don't really go grocery shopping all that much...but I can see how it could be annoying too...but, sometimes the same old flavor of ice-cream just isn't as good, and it's time for a change...and you can never have too many frozen pizzas, espeically if they're on sale for a dollar, and...

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