Friday, January 13, 2006

Firefly is Amazing

Go here and check out the first all the links, but especially the first one.

It involves my all-around favorite firefly quote. (There are many categories, thus many favorite quotes) It goes something along the lines of "when you can't walk, you crawl." It's from "The Message, easily the most heart wrenching one, and the one that has the best music. (From the funeral scene)

But if you haven't seen the show yet, then forget what I just said, go read the story, then go buy/rent the DVD's and watch them.

Update: On a related-only-because-it-involves-firefly note, Adam Baldwin (Jayne) is my first Favorite Actor. Friends that know me really well will be able to guess why. If you don't already know, then I suggest going over to that message forum I posted earlier and joining up. I suggest that anyway. It's a great firefly forum.

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