Thursday, January 12, 2006

Reading Round-up

Here's some interesting reading material I came across today.

David Brooks
talks about the rise of the facebook. He's not the best conservative editorialist out there, but he's one of the most famous. He has some interesting things to say...if only because he says them about something that's so important to many of my friends. (painless log-in required)

The Great Frank J. talks about recall elections. I think he's mostly right, even if this isn't very funny. I only straight up disagree with the last sentance...ridiculing her is going to far. We might hurt her feelings. But I'd like to remind everyone that we already fired important government officials, mostly for their conduct in the region under Blanco's watch. I wonder how much her failure to do her job had to do with Michael Brown's failure to do his?
While you're over there, you should read the new In My World.

Danielle Crittenden makes me laugh every time. She writes IM conversations between Bush and other world leaders, along with a couple of white house staffers. All of them are funny, but while I was reading this one, I was told to be quieter three times, and just couldn't stop myself. It also doesn't need that much background info to understand. Check it out.

Also at the Huffinton Post (a liberal website that is one of the many I read to keep up to date), you can find Greg Gutfield. His humor is a bit harder to understand, but worth trying. Remember, the best part is in the comments. Try the posts about Tookie Williams, which I spoke about earlier.

Ok, thats enough for now...if you need more, you can always go to The Officer's Club.

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