Monday, January 23, 2006

Condi '08

I like Condi for president. A lot. It's time for this to come completely out into the open...there's lots of good reasons, and there are a couple of new ones as of today. My (hopefully) future department just got some necessary changes made today, thanks to her. Plus she's awesome.
If you're confused as to what, exactly, I'm talking about when I say there are new reasons to love condi for president, check out, and, and Ann Althouse...they all have good posts from today about Condi, especially the first...

If some of you are wondering why I didn't just provide the links to their posts...well, I'm busy. I should be writing a paper right now.

In other, non-related news that you can find on courts are going to hear a case about the historical existance of a man named Jesus. As far as my opinion counts, I figured this was settled 2000 years ago, when he made it into the Roman Chronicles...but you never can tell, especially when you're in an Italian courtroom. Look up the article, and be amazed!!!

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