Monday, January 09, 2006

Day three in pasta land

Yesterday I went to a wonderful soccer game. I had a great time. The stadium was empty, but the fans were involved in the game like you would never see in the states...maybe at the Frozen-Four tournament, but definately no where else. It was just like every other european soccer game I've been too...refreshing.
Today is the first day of our class...which sucks...but the class should actually be one of the better lit classes possible. All lit classing involve reading and writing about books...but we're going to read a lot, and write little...and all that will be intersperced with wine-tastings and pasta bars...excellent.
I need to go to class now...hello to everyone back at home! I hope the snow is wonderful...make a snowman for me! And go skiing...since it's too expensive for me here.
Anyway, class is calling me downstairs...

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