Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Marriage Musings

People over here might want to read the original post, from Mules With Brains.

So, someone has been stealing my ideas without my knowledge. And, as you might assume, he totally destroys it. I hate it when people turn my genius idealistic musings into a hellish shadow of what they once were. Well, once I became aware of the rebel idea - which took a while since it was published in the San Francisco Chronicle (not very high up on my list of newspapers to read) - I immediately began to work out how to return my plan to its original state of glory.
Go ahead, and read the fool's proposal, and then come back so I can tell you what he got right and wrong.

Ready? Good.

Well, he wants to take government out of the picture. That's good. But he wants to replace government with corporatism and lawyers. That's bad. Good marriages are supposed to be an agreement between people that love each other. (all marriages are this way, not just the one's between two people, and again, I'm using marriage to describe the myriad co-habitation rituals that exist in the world) My proposal was to take all that is soulless and wrong (that would be the government) with the state of marriage in our country (and most others as well), and return it to its roots (that would be the people). The proposal outlined in the article gets rid of the soulless meddling of the government (at least until the end, when he sort of says that he wants something akin to corporate law to govern marriage. Crazy fool), and replace it with something that is equally soulless, namely, lawyers and corporatism. I feel that marriage should be pure, that's why I don't want meddling. This proposal just changes the direction the meddling comes from. I want love, not contracts and permits. I know this is idealistic, and I usually dislike idealism. But I'm gonna stick to my guns on this one. Thanks.

All that being said, I think it might be better than the current state. However, I also sometimes think that things like haggis might be tasty (at least until I really think about it), so that last thought might not count for much (as I'm still mulling it over). However, I don't think it's as bad as this guy makes it out to be...but I could be wrong. Go and read for yourself. We link, you decide!

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