Thursday, January 26, 2006

Commenting Policy

I like comments. A lot. In fact, I'm blogging for the comments. I want to engage in dialogue. I want to know what you think about my posts. How am I supposed to get smarter if I can only hear myself, and no one ever responds? But I do have a rule, and a request.

Rule: All comments should be PG. I don't want any problems. Trolls are welcome, (in fact, Trolls are encouraged) to comment but only if you keep it nice, like everyone else. I stop listening to you when you stop being respectful...especially of other commenters. And I'll probably delete anything that gets out of hand...

Request: I'm not a fan of anonymous posting. I can't get rid of the option without turning off comments for the general public, but I don't want to exclude people. If you don't want to register with blogger, then pick a name and use the 'other' option. It's the internet. If you post under "bobby" and your name is really ahmed, no one will ever know, and no one will be able to connect you to your ideas unless you want us to. So don't be shy.
However, if you prefer to remain anonymous, that is fine too...

I'll update the rules when they need to be updated. Thanks.

Update: I already changed the rules! Hubby had good points in the comments which changed my mind about how hard-nosed i'm going to be. So, yeah. I try to be reasonable...even if my friends deny it.


  1. Hubby of TheyCallMeRed1/26/06, 5:59 PM

    Okay so this is not the first time I have seen a post like this and I really do not get what the hang up is with anonymous posting. What really is the difference between an anonymous post and one where someone makes up a crazy name to go with their post? For one, what is to stop me from using the same made up name as the person before me or even your name in the name field? Nothing other than your censorship of the comments. It really is just childish to demand that people conform to what you want or you will delete their posts. That is just like taking your ball home because people will not play by your rules when you where a little kid. Instead you should assign them names when replying to them if need be or just reply to their thoughts. The meaning behind the thoughts expressed by someone do not change when followed by their name, alias or if they are anonymous. The only difference is your preconcieved notions. The best feed back and arguments you might have, may be started or spurred on by anonymous posters who only have the courage to speak up when there is no chance of putting two and two together. If you really want to be challenged on an open forum then have one. Don't half ass it because you got a bug up your butt about anonymous posting.

  2. Ok, I you make some good points...let me respond and see if I get through what I meant...

    "What really is the difference between an anonymous post and one where someone makes up a crazy name to go with their post"
    - I like to know who belongs to which comments. I also think that people should take ownership of their ideas. I don't really plan on being militant about this, and I should probably have phrased it as a request and not a rule.

    "For one, what is to stop me from using the same made up name as the person before me or even your name in the name field?"
    - Good point. Nothing will stop anyone from doing what you say, other than respect/politeness. I don't really have any trolls yet, so i don't have to worry about slander or anything. And if someone post's using your name, speak up about it. Hopefully people who comment will comment often enough that we can get a feel for each person and know when there is a troll using their name...Either that or I'm just being idealistic.
    My big reason for not liking anonymous posting is that I'd like to follow a person's thoughts, so I can understand them better...

    "The meaning behind the thoughts expressed by someone do not change when followed by their name, alias or if they are anonymous"
    - good point.

    ". If you really want to be challenged on an open forum then have one."
    - So far, I've had an open forum and no one has challenged me, until now, and you've put a name to yourself. So, I'm not worried about people not commenting because they don't want to have an alias, since no one has commented yet.

    But you make a good point, and you've changed my mind. I'm still going to ask people to put a name to themselves, but I'll leave it up to them to decide what to do.

    Thanks for the comment!

  3. TigerHawk ( says it better than i could...

    "Actually, you are making an intersting point. In the blogosphere, there is a difference between the use of a pen name and simply posting as "Anonymous." In the latter case, it makes it tough for people to separate one commenter from another. If people use pen names, though, they retain the personalities that they reflect in their writing. That distinction has always existed I suppose -- we know that "George Eliot" is a pen name, but that it reflects a different writer than "Mark Twain." I guess it is just that the technique has gone from rare to universal with the advent of blogging and commenting."

    I'm not gonna change my mind again, I'm just posting this for clarity.

  4. hubby of theycallmered1/27/06, 10:57 AM

    I believe that TigerHawk made an interesting point, though I could not find that to read what he was commenting about. More importantly, if one were to actually make multiple comments and have a fluent thought they would need to relate back to their previous thoughts and it would be come clear which comments belonged to who, anonymous or not. Also most writing styles lend to figuring out who is who. Granted they actually need to write full sentences and not write in the horrible internet jargon so many people write in. If you were to ban that however I would be right there with you. Otherwise when it comes down to ownership of your words and thoughts, by using pen names or an alias, one really does not own ones words. This new entity a part from who you are owns these thoughts. They really are not yours but some imaginary person you are portraying. On a similar point, you yourself said you use different names, Internet Schizophrenia Dec 21st, 2005, which I find extremely strange, thought it is your choice and I respect that. I tend to pick one name for everything and just stick with it. In fact I usually just use my real name but as my wife does not want her name out, I choose to use this one to connect myself within blogs. But more importantly, I really do not see the need to make up different names for myself to express different viewpoints as really they should all be my own. If I want to play devils advocate I would do so announcing that I am doing so.

    But really my main point is that by allowing anonymous posting you actually foster a more inviting environment in which people will be comfortable in expressing their views. One can only hope that after a time those who post anonymously would begin to use an alias because of the friendly and open environment. Some people need to test the waters to see how they might be received and how welcomed their comment is. Though I am not one of those people as I could care less what others think of my comments, some people can take a real offense at the slightest criticism and posting anonymously for them would allow for a way to express their views without a preconceived notion of their comment based on the name they provide. I could continue on this for about another couple of pages with examples but I think you have gotten the gist by now. Anyways glad to see you changed your mind.

  5. Thanks again. The tigerhawk quote comes from the seccond comment on the page you get to by clicking the 'disclamer' link on the's also dificult to figure out someone's writing style if you can't follow a trend, so it would be hard to see two anonymous comments as comming from the same person, until they pick an alias. I understand the people who don't really want to use their real name, and that's where most of my alias' came from in the first place. I decided it wasn't a huge deal, and began to use my real name for this blog.

    So yeah.