Friday, January 13, 2006

To Link or not To Link?

That is the question I'm trying to deal with at the moment. The site in question is here.

I feel that linking to this site will expose in myself a complete obsession with all things firefly, and especially, Kaylee. I don't exactly want to foster this impression on people. I'd rather people see me as a relatively fair, if somewhat biased, observer of the world. I'd rather people thought that I was extremely funny, intelligent, charming. I fear that by linking to this site, I would instead be showing myself for the mildly obsessed male that I am, possibly even giving the impression that I am really obsessed.

However, it's a really good site. It's got a blog written by the actress herself. And lots of biographical information, too. For example, did even the hard-core Firefly fans among my readers know that Kaylee also had a big role in a Disney Channel TV show that I really enjoyed, called Flash Foreward? I really loved that show too...must be something in common between the two shows...besides the two F's.

I'm still hesitant. What do you all think? Should I link the site?

Um, I guess the matter is decided...heh.

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