Friday, December 16, 2005

The War Against Christmas

Tonight I was in a department store, and when I was finished checking out, I said "Happy Holidays" to the clerk. I celebrate Christmas, and I wish my friends a merry Christmas, but I figure that Christmas is actually overblown anyway, so I don't want to risk offending other people that I don't know.
Well, as soon as I got done saying what I said, she looked me sternly in the eye, and said "Merry Christmas to you! See, that wasn't so hard to hear!"
"Well, that does sound better, anyway!" I replied.
You may not like O'Riley and the other blowhards that make a big deal about the "war against Christmas," But you've got to admit they are effective.

Update: For Clarification Purposes: I am a Christian, and I even have some responsibility in my youth group. However, I feel that Christmas is not a very important holiday to defend. People can worship/celebrate it however they choose. If people want to with other people "Merry Christmas," that is fine with me. If they would rather say "Happy Holidays!," that is also fine. Neither saying diminishes my Christmas celebration one iota. (Small Bit, oh HR of mine) Having a lot of secular people wish each other "Merry Christmas," however, might cause the holiday to become even more commercialized than it already is, which would be a horrible thing in my opinion. I won't stop anyone from saying what they want, but I would like people to realize that what other people say doesn't affect me (or you) in the slightest. My Christmas celebration would mean as much to me if I celebrated it with 100% of Americans, as if I celebrated it alone.
The whole "War Against Christmas" debate is a political trick which serves to get talking heads higher ratings, and some specific politicians more votes. It does provide some good material for humor, however.
So I'm cyincal, wish me a "Joyous Kwanza" anyway.

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  1. I don't really care either, but I totally understand why people say HH instead of MC. It's a courtesy thing so that no one feels left out because there ARE so many holidays around this time of year. I don't think that clerk was right to challenge you on it, though. Just let it be. People say what they feel comfortable with. No one's attacking Christmas, it's acknowledgement that other holidays exist and are also important.