Friday, December 09, 2005


Squirrels are my least favorite animal. They are as good as rats with tails in my opinion. Here are some people who agree with me, but I think they might be going a little too far. They certainly did a good job documenting some of the evils of the squirrel population, including the recent hit and run in Russia, which resulted in the death of a dog.

I have something to add to this list. When I was a few years younger than I am now, I was on a camping trip. While we were away from our campsite for the day, we left our food locked in a wooden box, with no holes. When we returned at the end of the day, some squirrels had managed to get inside the box - how, I do not know. We found that our bread was rummaged through - but that they left us the crusts. The eating of the bread, that I could probably live with. However, when we discovered the watermelon, we discovered that the blasted squirrels had gone too far. They had tunneled into the watermelon, so that most of it looked normal. Then, they gorged themselves on the sweet fruit inside...and left us only the rind and the seeds – some of which we later found spread throughout the rest of our food cabinet. It was good that they left the cheezits alone. They had already committed sins that would be hard to forgive, but if they had touched the cheezits they would have purchased more than they could afford to pay.

So, now that you have heard my story, I recommend that you look at the website I linked, so that you can educate yourself further on the dangers of the squirrel race.

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