Thursday, December 22, 2005

Food for thought

I was listening to Rush today, something I rarely do unless I want to get riled up about something. It was kind of fun, except for the fact that Rush oversimplified everything all the time, and it ruined his otherwise ok points. I did get to hear a liberal call in and complain about Bush taking away our civil rights. He went on and on, and eventually compared Bush to Hitler. Well, fine. Be silly like that. Here's a simple assignment for you, so you can prove your point better. Go onto google, and do a search for 'pictures of protesters against bush.' Write down that number. Then, go back, and do a search for 'pictures of protestors against hitler.' Since they are the same kind of person, there should be just about as many protestors for both.

For those of you not making the claim that Bush=Hitler, or those of you not carrying the signs that say BuSHitler. (say that slowly to get maximum effect), I'll give you the answer key for the above exercise. For the first search, you will find many, many pictures of the same protestor. For the second search, you will find no pictures, or very few of different people, because they got killed after the first time. So if they are the same kind of leader, why the difference?

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