Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Internet Schizophrenia

So how many internet id's do you have? I've got several...some of them even have their own websites. This one has two, (the other site is but I have a different attitude on each site. Mules with brains elicits a little bit more seriousness and focus from me, while this site is a little more fun and general. I have personas for commenting on different blogs...and each has their own take on the world. I've got a gaming name, I've got a left-wing-wacko, and a right wing one, and I've got a comedian, and I've got the nerdy one. I feel like personalitites/names on the internet are sort of like shoes for a girl/woman. There is the exact right one for each specific situation. While I really only wear two different pairs of shoes and they get me through life, I feel like multiple personalities on the internet are more useful.
How many (split) personalities do you have?

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