Wednesday, December 07, 2005

A day for remembering

Today is Pearl Harbor Day.
I am far too young to remember what happened that day. In fact, my parents are far too young to remember what happened that day. But today is still a day worth noticing. Today, we got sucker punched, and our nose was bloodied. We were expecting to get into the war eventually, but we didn't want to go in this way...and we didn't think we had anything to worry about.
Today is a day worth because of it's similarities with 9/11. I was in NY on 9/11, and I watched the smoke billow and the towers collapse. I waited in my car, stuck about 10 cars from getting over one of the bridge...but we stayed there all day. I can remember the confusion that everyone felt in the street, and the way rumors spread. NYC on 9/11 must have been worse than what the soldiers felt in Hawaii, but I'm sure the citizens were as confused as we were.

I've been to see the Arizona. (check out this for more info about that vallient ship) It was so serene at the memorial, it was hard to immagine how the few hours before the ship went down felt.
It's worth looking back at both of these, and reviewing the similarities and the differences, and then thinking about what ultimately happened as a result of Pearl Harbor.
Today is a good day for reflection.

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