Friday, December 09, 2005

Nobel Prizes

Wonderful people get them...including Harold Pinter. Who used his acceptance speech to bash American Foreign Policy since WWII. Why does he pretend to understand this stuff? He is a playwright. He writes plays titled "The Caretaker" and "The Homecoming," granted, I know nothing about them, and possibly he is very well informed, but I doubt it, considering how and what he was bashing about American Foreign policy.

I think it's telling that Nobels are consistantly awarded to leftises.
"The literature prize has in recent years often gone to writers with left-wing ideologies. These include the European writers José Saramago of Portugal, Günter Grass of Germany and Dario Fo of Italy."
I wonder when it will stop being considered such an honor, an be recognised for the back-scratching that it is?

And, by the way, great people are nominated for these awards. Just look at Tookie Williams...

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