Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Media

Do you think the media is biased? Do you think that a headline can affect your judgement? I think that whatever you read first, will affect your thoughts about the whole piece.
With that in mind, check this out...

Daniel J. Solove at Concurring Opinions has a nice round-up of how the Delay news was greeted:

Washington Times, DeLay's Conspiracy Charge Rejected

Washington Post, Felony Charge Is Upheld For DeLay

New York Times, Texas Judge Lets Stand 2 of 3 Charges Against DeLay

Fox News, Judge Tosses DeLay Conspiracy Charges

LA Times, Judge Upholds DeLay Money-Laundering Charges

CNN, DeLay Conspiracy Charge Tossed Out

MSNBC, DeLay Money-Laundering Charges Upheld

Just for your information...The Washington Times is as conservative as the NYT is Liberal.
And Move-On.org said that the LA times was their favorite newspaper...
I must admit that CNN's headline surprised me. I have been slowly rethinking my position on CNN...I used to boycott them, but now I like the situation room...
As for the rest of you, discuss in the comments.

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