Friday, March 03, 2006


I'm going home. It's been a long week. I actually think I've grown up a little this week...but no one here cares about that much. My computer is a little bit closer to fixed, so soon I'll be back to normal. I got all the pieces put together, now I just need to get windows XP to recognise this fact...grrr...I think I might have to reinstall everything, which sucks.

But, I do have some comments.

The whole port issue is an example of how the media can skew public opinion. It's a non-issue. The ports will still be policed by the Coast Guard...the workers will still be Americans who are members of the Longshoremen union. The same ships will still be calling. The only thing different is that a different one of our allies will be making money off the organizational process. The fact that this is still being talked about by the media at all is an example of the way the mass media can control what we think about a problem by controlling what we know about that problem. No one on the mass media is pointing out that Bush's administration had no business getting involved with a business decision that took place between two companies in two non-american countries, that involved a contract with six non-federal ports. He should be commended for standing up for one of the central tennants of our country - a free market. The people who are trying to make political hay out of the issue by continuing the misinformation should be ashamed of themselves, and no one should vote for them. 'Course, I'd never tell you to vote for Hilary or Bill Frist anyway. I did like the fact that McCain (and Lieberman) stood up for the correct side...but have you noticed how they media has drowned them out?

It's possible to be pro-free-market and concerned about our security at the same fact, that's the way smart people think.

The vast majority of the people I go to school with are immature fools, who think way too highly of themselves. (I'm just gonna leave that one out on the wind, but any of my fellow students who are reading this, it most likely doesn't apply to you. If you think it does, send me an e-mail and I'll let you know)

Thats it. I'm going home. I haven't been home in a clean laundry, and good home-cooked food, and I'm gonna see my aunt and my little bro...Yes!

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