Sunday, March 12, 2006

New Post

Well, I know it's been a while since I posted, but I didn't really have anything new, and I didn't want to push the genius that was sitting on top...but I found something I want to link to, so I might as well do a comprehensive here it is.

I had my SGA meeting tonight, and the Wal-mart motion failed, though it was a close thing. We fixed the problems with the Burma motion, so it passed. Other than that, it was just long and fun/exciting for me, but not for many other people.

A couple days ago, I was at work for exactly one that time I answered the phone twice. Once to take the details of a Birth Anouncement, and once to take the details of a Death Anouncement. Neither has ever happened to me at work before, although we do collect those details about alumns of my school.

And here's the link. It's from Althouse, and I give her lots of links, but this is good. It's a post about adopting children with Downs Syndrome. A while ago I linked to a post that talked about the disappearance of Downs syndrome from trendy places like California, due to people testing for that before birth, and then aborting when they found out. That sucks. This is much happier. I have a couple of friends with Downs's a story about the long, long list of families looking to adopt kids with Downs. At least there are some good things in the world.

That's about it...

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