Saturday, March 04, 2006

Good New Blog

Great Post. The blog is a woman starting off a carreer in the State Department. Awesome...I'm jealous. I wish it was me...but not yet.

It's really cool for me to read, however.

I love the post I linked to above...and I think this quote is the best:

I had no idea that the State Department handled so many different issues. Of course, I had anticipated that the diplomatic scene would be different from country to country, but it's truly amazing what all we are involved in. Combatting drug use, stopping trafficking in persons, dealing with border disputes, aiding in the detection of money laundering groups... The list goes on and on and on. Even if we're not direct participants in a matter, we often act as mediator or contact point for groups that are. The variety of foreign and domestic agencies we deal with is sometimes surprising (for example, who knew that State and the Coast Guard were so intimately involved?). Being a Foreign Service Officer is not just about diplomacy; it really is about furthering broader democratic values, such as human rights and the rule of law. This thought is both comforting and daunting.

I did know about the scope of the State's one of the reasons I want to work there.

Another awesome thing is:

The sheer depth of knowledge each issue requires is mind boggling, and I wonder if I'll be able to keep up with it all...But as a Generalist*, I have to be able to step into any job at any post at any time."

I love the idea of being a Generalist...and I love the idea/challenge of taking on new jobs when ever I switch posts. I really want this job...but not yet.

I wish I was old enough, but I've still got to get through college (damn it...but I know I'm nowhere near as good an employee as I'll be when I get done.) and then probably something like a masters (this person got an MFA...which scares me, but might be a good idea, judging from how well she writes and how important that is in State...).

But it's really time for me to go to bed.
You should all check out the site's cool, and she writes well...

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