Thursday, March 23, 2006

Blindness in opposition

Have you heard about the Christian Peacemakers Team that was kidnaped in Iraq a few weeks ago? I've been praying for their rescue since I heared about it, and I was really upset when I heard about the beheading of one of the team-members (of which there were four, now three). The group's beliefs called for the Americans to pull our of Iraq and end the occupation, and the larger group (at least) didn't want the military to rescue them in a violent operation...well, I didn't agree with all that (except with the non-violent extraction, if it could be arranged, but not to the extent that they should wait to be brought home), but I still wanted them safe.

Well, thank God, they are safe now. And thanks to the British-US Special Forces that risked their lives to rescue these people in a non-violent fashion (if possible, which it sounds like it wasn't, but not on the fault of our guys).

However, if you look at the website of the Peacemakers, you don't see anything about their rescue by soldiers, acording to the headline, which reads: "CPT Statement: CPTer's released," you would think that their captors just decided to let them go, after holding them and beheading one of their number. Sorry guys, God does wonderful things, but you should thank both God and the humans who risked their life to save yours, not lie about the circumstances that brought about the wonderful news. The whole article (posted on the front page) does not mention the role played by the US and British Soldiers who carried out the rescue operation. They didn't lie about anything, because everything they said was technically true, but the whole article is false. Anyone who thinks they can beleive everything they read from trustworthy organizations need to take notice of this fact.

Update: Ok, I was wrong about the beheading, the guy was just's a story from the NYT. Sort of untrue...the old grey lady calls them Aide Workers, but what they were doing was trying to bring peaceful resolution to conflicts...both are notable goals, but one means bringing supplies and building hospitals, and the other means stepping between fighters, and talking to people in troubled neighborhoods. Not quite the same thing.

The raid was peaceful, because the captors had all left the captives alone to die.

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