Monday, March 20, 2006

Attention Kos Kids

I know this is a grisly subject for the morning, but here goes anyway.

Check out this link from the Officer's Club. It's got two graphs that compare casualties in Iraq to various standards.

The one I want to look at is the second, but I'll copy it here.

I want to bring attention to two facts about the graph that I've noticed. First, both the minimum and maximum number of deaths caused by American intervention in Iraq only spike above the minimum average dead under Saddam three times, and it spikes above the maximum average only once.
Point two is that while there is a huge variation between the maximum and the minimum average under Saddam, and the possible numbers for the deaths we've caused are relatively close together. And also, please remember that lots (if not most) of the Iraqis who die are killed by insurgent terrorist groups.

I just wanted to bring that up in case anyone reading this wants to count war dead. It's a fine idea to count and to remember, but it's a better idea to keep things in perspective.

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