Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Another Poem? Yup, of course.

Walking through the Arboretum

Do people ever talk to each other anymore?
Can the masses still gather and shoot
the breeze over a cuppa joe or in a park?
Have we ever been able to relate that way?

Sometimes I think I could fix
everything by collecting the polity
and screaming “Dudes! Chill out!
Just chat and smooth out the kinks!”

But my orating skills fall far short
of a butterfly’s eloquence, and
I’m just not loud enough to shout
over their lattes, Hemi’s, and mob bosses.

So I realize I’m not currently qualified
to preach to the multitude,
I just haven’t spent time enough
in the desert, 40 days too short.

My peeps and your peeps could be chirping
together like the birds and trees around me.
Discussing together to solve the issues.
But has this ever been possible?

The above is what I'm handing in...
I also liked this stanza, but I don’t think it fits anywhere.

I’ve never felt the locusts slide down
my throat, and I’ve never stopped a tank
with my breath. My problem expressing myself
is really that I’ve got the star power of an ant.

As always, I appreciate any comments you have, and I'd love it if people started breaking down my word choices. The poems are all currently in their 'rough draft' status, which is probably obvious to anyone who looks at them.

I'm laying odds that the comments I get back will say, "preachy" and that this is mostly discursive langauge...but is the preachy part any wonder when my biggest poetic influence is probably David?

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