Thursday, March 16, 2006

Carnival of Comedy, #46 (Barebones edition)

Woot! I got it here today especially for you, the 46'th Carnival of Comedy. It's the bare-bones edition, because, a couple weeks ago, my motherboard started smoking (I've told her smoking was a nasty habit, but she persists. She always mumbles something about making her 'own personal choices" or something like that. So I bought a barebones kit from the orange and black computer store...and it's awesome. Unfortunately, when I put it all together, my old hard-drive started acting now I need to fix that too. So all the computer I've got is a barebones set-up, which refuses to start-up, so I need to beg time from other people to take care of my nasty blogging habbit. So I don't always have that much time to blog.

This week is also the week before the week before spring break...and if you know about college, you know that means it's the week everyone is pretending to study for exams...which is another reason I need to keep my blogging time short. No one really needs to study as much as they do, but if they saw me slacking off on the computer and still getting good grades, they would feel bad, and I don't want to make anyone feel bad...I just want to give them teh funny.

So please, enjoy. If you don't think I've given you enough description/stuff...remind me how much you ended up paying to read this at my site, and I'll refund all the money I've gotten from you...

The first section is the "Really Funny" section. Most people would find this funny in a normal state of mind.

  • Tommy sent in this post (called "Bird Hunting") from the blog Striving for Average. It's about what you would expect a post to be about with that title and posted last week. It's pretty funny.
  • The Peace Moonbeam sent us the next installment (the post is titled Oscar Party) of the Peace Moonbeam Chronicles...It's pretty work safe, but you might want to be careful with the pictures at the bottom. I was looking at this post at the computer in the Christian Fellowship office at my college, and when someone walked in on me, I had some explaining to yeah, take that advice how you will.
  • Vox Popular, from Vox Poplar is Right About Everything & Don't You Forget It!, has gone to hell and back just to get us this story. It seems like Slobodan Milosevic is having a tougher time in the after life than he expected. The post is called: Slobo is No Mo (Overheard in Hell). (Profanity warning for the words: 'Rosie O'Donnell' being used together. You should know better than that.)
  • Vox also gives us some serious guest blogging from George Clooney, who's Out of Touch, and Proud of it.
  • Remulak MoxArgon (I might say that he's the Emperor of the Galaxy, but that might be selling him short), from The MoxArgon Group, is looking for love. Can you help him out?
  • Keewee from Keewee's Corner does math the way I like to see it done in her post titled, "Beer and Ice Cream Diet."
  • The next entry into this section is actually a bonus, if you will. It's a link to another comedy carnival. Not the Carnival of Comedy (that's here), but a different kind. Is different better? Is different even allowed? I don't know, you have to decide for yourself. I do know that being different helps you get into college and get more financial aide money. Maybe that would help this group. Time for the link, huh? It's the Carnival of Kid Comedy, and it's hosted by Life in a Shoe, and Kim C...pretty funny stuff, you should check it out.
  • Kim C. has another post for us, this one is called Support all 'round me.

The second section is the "Sorta Funny" section. Most people would enjoy reading this stuff, but might not laugh if they hadn't been prepped with some really funny stuff first. (that's why it's second!)

The last section is the "Not Very Funny" section. Most people wouldn't laugh at all at this, which is why we put it at the end, when everyone is tired of reading all the funny stuff from above. Just about the only people who would laugh at this are college students who are high...and they laugh at everything. If you laughed at this last paragraph, you're probably high.

Ok, thats all I've got for this Carnival of Comedy! Lets get three cheers for the Carnival of Comedy number 46 (the barebones edition)! Woot! Woot! Woot!
Ok, thats done.

If you're starving for funny all week and you've already read all this should go to IMAO.US. Make sure you bring a monkey with you.

You should also go check out the mp3 format downloadable audio file (known as a 'podcast' to the trendy people) over at the It's pretty good this week, as usual. If you don't listen to it, well, Frank J. might have to shoot you in the face, just like Cheney shot his friend in the face.

Future Carnival Schedule:
March 23rd - #47 - Steve The Pirate at his self titled blog
March 30th - #48 - Tommy at Almost Average
After that? Well, who died and made you the boss so that you could ask personal questions like that? Did being nosey every get you anything other than in fight? Oh! You want to host the Carnival? Well, why didn't you say so? E-mail with "Host Carnival Of Comedy" as the subject.
Do you have a post that's worthy of the Carnival? Then go here or here.


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    Frank J. is a Liberal!

  2. Thanks for the link - I'll plug the Carnival of Comedy on my blog too. We all need to laugh more, right?