Friday, March 17, 2006

Ok, I'm laughing now too

So, a long time ago, I wrote a post about Frank J. It was hilarious. In fact, it was High-larious, as Jayne would say. However, I spelled the title incorrectly. Yes, I know you all knew this. I only just figured it out.

You see, I failed every spelling test I've taken in my life. And apparently, Assisination is not a word. I've fixed the it' reads correctly as "A Shocking Character Assassination Piece." Well, at least it's supposed to. But I was so happy that about 400 people came to look at that one post...and I never even realized that while they were probably laughing really hard at what I said, at least some people were laughing at my inability to spell. Well, it sucks...but now I'm laughing too...At least I figured it out.

If you guys do notice mistakes like that, you can send me an e-mail at, if you feel like taking the time to help me out...

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