Monday, July 17, 2006

Time waster

How fast can you type?
I got ...84 wpm, with 4 mistakes. I did better last night...


  1. A car bomb occured this morning (7/18/06) killing dozens in Iraq. The attack happened in southern Iraqi city of kufa killing at least 53 labourers.
    Shia Muslims in Kufa have been frequent targets of attack for the Sunnis. I believe that a lot of these attacks are out of revenge. The reason why I say this is because earlier the Sunni suburb in Baghdad was attacked and many people were killed as well.This fear of one another has acquired a lot of conflict, and now they just keep doing tit-for-tat in killings. Also, Iraqi Shia are no longer restraining from their religious leaders, which doesn't make anything better.

  2. 89.2 with zero mistakes! Okay, that was on my third try, but it still is pretty good...

  3. It is a time waster, but now I am up to 97 with 1 mistake... I think I can break 100!

  4. 73 with one mistake...this is going to take away from the time i should be spending studying...