Friday, July 21, 2006

Good point about the evacuations

Even though the language in this post is a bit below my standards for commentary (so don't be surprised when you read it), he makes a good point.

Why do you complain about the way someone saves your life when there was ample opportunity for you to stop risking it yourself? And why should I pay for your stupidity? I'm sure that there were people with legitimate reasons for being in Lebanon right up until the point that we decided to evacuate...I'd also like to think that those people are reasonable, responsible people (the ones with good reasons to stay) and are therefore not the ones complaining about a "dirty" ship (really the only *clean* ships are cruise ships and navy when a tanker saves your life, don't complain about it). I like to think that in America, the government isn't supposed to be a nanny, or a parent, telling us what to do and taking care of all the messes that we make.

Americans citizens of age are some of the most priviledged people on the planet, with more resourses than almost anyone else. And our government is supposed to treat us that when the government says "you probably don't want to go there unless you have to. They've been fighting and bombing people for 25 years" and then a few weeks later says "Oh crap! They're really blowing stuff up now! Get out!" or "There's a really big hurricane coming your way in four should probably leave where you are" You are supposed to make your own responsible decision and do what you need to do...but you should expect our government to babysit you.

Those are my two cents...well, more like fifty cents.

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  1. My hat's off to the Air Force, Navy and Marines, as well as Army and other government agencies and departments have made the evacuation effort run as smoothly and trouble free as her humor.