Saturday, July 29, 2006

Okay Kids

I had a great summer, but since I no longer have grading power, I can't make you stick around and post any more. However, you are all more than welcome to stay and comment on current events if you'd like to. It's a good idea for you, and I'll interact more since I'm no longer the teacher. If you get serious about posting, I'll put you up on the front page, or help you get started with your own blog.

I had a wonderful summer and the next week I'm spending at the lake and in the mountains will feel entirenly too relaxed and not busy enough, nor will there be enough interesting idea play...

Anyway, I wish you well and you should all keep in touch...



  1. Hey Ben,
    I think that it is a good idea that we all stay up with current events also! It would be fun (and educational) to keep posting on current events and see each others ideas.
    Thank you for such an awesome summer, believe it or not I'm already missing class and the homework. I do not know what to do with myself since I don't have hw to do! :)

    Have a great summer!


    PS: What lakes and mountains are you going to?

  2. Emma, stop complaining!


  3. Well, Emma, if you're going to be bored, then I'll put up some more open threads for you guys to post current events and talk with each other. If I don't put one up, just use the post on top. I'll see it and respond, at least.

    And, I'm heading with some of the other interns to an undisclosed location (along with Dick Cheney) in the White Mountains...

    Sovita, U'r welcome. see ya 2.


  4. Be safe (but have fun!) in those White Mtn's! And don't get in any trouble lol