Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Open Thread for Current Events



  1. Sovita-

    I was also going to report on this story. I think their attempts to gain a seat on the UN Security Council demostrates their desire to become a more powerful nation within the global community. They may be trying to obtain weaponry to support this idea. Although it looks as though the weapon deal will go through, their seat on the Security COuncil is not likely. Chavez has turned Venezuela into a much too unstable country. I'm interested to see how the elections will go.

  2. Hezbollah chief declares the group will not accept any "humiliating" conditions of a ceasefire.

    It appears obvious that both the Israelis and Hezbollah will have to make certain concessions in order to reach a ceasefire. I do not see the two sides being able to do so at this time. Eventually international pressure will cause the groups to reduce the fighting but even when this happens the conflict is by no means over.

  3. Here are some 2 interesting polls:

    Only 27% of Americans think the U.S. is winning the war in Iraq. 58% Think it is a stalemate.

    59% of Americans believe that we should stay out of the Middle East's business and that we shouldn't go into help w/ the crisis in Hezbollah.

    These polls relate directly to what we have been talking about in the past few days about Bush's foreign policy. Americans are more skeptical of Bush than ever before. Doesn't a leader need support of his people in order to be effective?

    This is a reason why Cheney told Americans not to talk bad things about the war.

  4. Israel is calling up some of its reserve troops, though it says it has no plans to put them on the ground in lebanon... yet.

    Wow. just wow. i was sure this was going to die down like the rest of the spikes in the middle east conflict. i think i may be wrong. This one shows no signs of slowing down. this latest action will only make lebanon gear up its defenses even more. And I think it will also cause Syria and lebanon's other supporters to step up their efforts as well. I just am sick an tired over this conflict, and I know it may be justified on some level, but come you guys...seriously.